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UNIT - i
Environmental studies: 
Definition, scope and importance, need for public awareness.
Natural resources: 
Water resources; use and over utilization of surface and ground water

Floods, drought, conflicts over water
Dams: Benefits and problems.
Effects of modem agriculture:
Fertilizerpesticide problems
water logging and salinity.
Energy resources:
Growing energy needs
Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.
Land Resources:
Land as a resource, land degradation, soil erosion and desertification.

UNIT - ii
Concept of an ecosystem
Diagram depicting the concept of an ecosystem
Structure and functions of an ecosystem
Diagrammatic representation of Ecosystem Services
Diagrammatic representation of the structure of an ecosystem
Producers, consumers and decomposers
Energy flow in ecosystem
Food chains, Food webs
Ecological pyramids
Aquatic ecosystem (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, estuaries).

UNIT - iii
Genetic, species and ecosystem diversity
Biogeographical classification of India
Functions, Values and threats to biodiversity
Endangered and endemic species of India
Conservation of biodiversity

UNIT - iv
Environmental Pollution:
Causes, effects and control measures of
  1. Air pollution
  2. Water pollution
  3. Soil pollution
  4. Noise pollution
  5. Thermal pollution
Solid waste management
Liquid waste management
Environmental legislation:
UNIT - v
Social Aspects and the Environment:
Water conservation 
Watershed management
Rainwater harvesting
Environmental ethics
Climate change
Global warming
Acid rain
Ozone layer depletion
Environmental protection act
Population explosion

Disaster management:
Types of disasters
Impact of disasters on environment, infrastructure, and development
Basic principles of disaster mitigation
Disaster management, and methodology
Disaster management cycle
Disaster management in India.

Previous years question papers
Solutions to selected important questions -i
Solutions to selected important questions - ii
Solutions to selected important questions - iii

Important questions covering entire syllabus

Miscellaneous topics
Natural capital
Environmentally sustainable city
Bio gas, Solar desalination and Eco-labeling

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