Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dams - Benefits and problems

Dams are built across rivers to store water for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation and flood control. The dams built to serve more than one purpose are called "multi-purpose dams". These dams were called the "temples of modern India" by the country's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.


  1. Dams are built to control flood and store flood water
  2. Sometimes dams are used for diverting part or all of the water from river into a channel.
  3. Dams are used mainly for drinking and agricultural purposes.
  4. Dams are built for generating electricity
  5. Dams are used for recreational purposes
  6. Navigation and fishery can be developed in the dam areas
PROBLEMS OF DAMS Dams may face problems upstream or downstream as listed below: 
Upstream problems
  1. Displacement of tribal people
  2. Loss of non-forest land
  3. Loss of forests, flora and fauna
  4. Landslides, sedimentation and siltation occurs
  5. stagnation and waterlogging around reservoirs retards plant growth
  6. Breeding of vectors and vector-borne diseases
  7. Reservoir Induced Seismicity (RIS) causes earthquakes
  8. Navigation and aquaculture activities can be developed in the dam area
Downstream problems
  1. Water logging and salinity due to over irrigation
  2. Reduced water flow and silt deposition in rivers
  3. Salt intrusion at river mouth
  4. Since the sediments carrying nutrients gets deposited in the reservoir, the fertility of the land along the river gets reduced
  5. Due to structural defects or faulty design of the dam may cause sudden dam failure leading to collapse and destruction to life and property.


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  5. GBR for all: ALL DAM CATASTROPHIES ARE FAULTY DESIGN HERE IS MORE DETAILS:Dams shall not accumulate huge quantities of water but shall split it in 2-3 smaller dams IN STEPS EACH WITH ITS OWN ELECTRIC PLANT/ The side of the mountain is not to be considered water proof the pressure of dam water will generate many under ground streams in different directions/ a STEP DAMS CONCEPT CAN DIMINISH effect:EQ. LAND SLIDES BOMB ATTACK rain blitz accumulation/ etc/ The ARCH design shall not consider the side of the mountains stable note column in the botomse likely to fall but the arch should be reinforced like in USA Hoower Dam with extra reinforced concrete in the bottom/ UNDER THE DAM LEVEL :Build many emergency half barrage dams from concrete wood etc which is a DAM Barrage open at the bottom to let only a small quantity of water pass they will tame the big BOOM blitz punch if the dam is brocken/ BeforeL the inhabited area villages cities build a solid concrete DIAGONAL DEFLECT WALL TO GUIDE THE WATER PUNCH AWAY FROM HOUSES FARMS ETC AND SAVE LIVES/This system of 1/2 emergency barrages/dams should be built ON EVERY CRICK WHICH IS A TRIBUTARY OF THE PROJECTED DAM/Detect the land slide area before the water is in and BLOW THEM AWAY ELIMINATE THEM CONSTANTLY/There are many other measure and PRAY TO OUR CREATOR FOR HELP /gbr tn usa/OVER//

  6. GBR to all second Comment for all DAMS DESIGNERS: In the bibles Joshua 6:16 there is a QUESTION FOR ALL INGENEERS: They went around the wall sounding the trumpets than all shouted AUUU and the wall collapsed WHY ? You must review the WAVE THEORY the wall had its own vibration when they shouted they produced an explosive vibration sent through air to all the wall in a reverberation which made the wall collapse/When you design a DAM concrete straight or convex you build a vibration device sensitive to brutal sound and waves by EQ land slide or bombs/For that reason HOOVER DAM USA HAS MORE REINF CONCRETE COLUMNS IN THE LAKE CONNECTED WITH THE DAM ARCH TO ANNUL THOSE VIBRATION (we did not have under water bombs so far)/Back to the 3 DAMS SYSTEM INSTEAD OF A BIG ONE No1 toward the mountain No 3 toward valley when problem with No2 drain it keep 1 and 3 fix No2 PLUG THE HOLES WHICH STILL WATER TO DEVIATE IT FROM THE LAKE and 3 of them work LIKE BROTHERS HELPING EACH OTHERS.To conclude ALL DAMS COLLAPSE ARE FAULTY DESIGN AND THIS IS NOT ALL/OVER/ GBR TN USA//
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