Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alternate Renewable Energy Sources


  1. Solar energy is renewable and does not cause environmental pollution
  2. Energy sources that create minimum pollution, are safe not prone to security threats and have universal availability have the best chance of large scale utilization in future.
  3. Hydro-electric power generation is expected to the existing ecological balance
  4. Apart from generating heat, hydel power plants critically endanger aquatic and terrestrial biotic
  5. Radioactive pollutants released from nuclear plants are chronically hazardous. Commissioning of Boiling Water Power Reactors (BWRs) result in accumulation of large number of radionuclides in water
  6. Dangerous radioactive waste cannot be buried in/land without the risk of polluting soil and underground water. The waste cannot be dumped in rivers as it poisons aquatic life and human beings.
  7. Burning of coal, oil, wood, dung cakes and petroleum products have well established environmental problems. The smoke produced causes respiratory and digestive problems leading to lung, stomach and eye diseases.
  8. Disposal of fly-ash requires large ash ponds and may pose a severe problem considering the limited availability of land. 
Hence non-conventional sources of energy are needed. The objectives of using alternate renewable energy sources are listed below:
  1. To provide more energy to meet the requirements of increasing population.
  2. To reduce environmental pollution and
  3. To reduce safety and security risks associated with the use of nuclear energy.

Wind energy India is generating 1200 MW electricity using wind energy. The largest wind farm is in Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, which generates 380 MW electricity.

Hydrogen-Fuel cell car General motor company of china invented experimental cars that run on electric motors fueled by hydrogen and oxygen. These cars produce no emission and the only waste products being water droplets and water vapour.


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