Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aquatic Ecosystems - River or Stream

Running water in a river or stream is usually well oxygenated as it absorbs oxygen from the air. River or stream is full of life with aquatic life.

  1. It is fresh and freely flowing water system
  2. Due to constant mixing of water during the flow of water in a river, the dissolved oxygen content is high
  3. Rivers deposit large amount of nutrients.
  1. Abiotic components Temperature, light, pH, nutrients, organic and inorganic compounds
  2. Biotic components
          1. Producers: Phytoplankton, algae, water grass, aquatic mass and other amphibious plants
          2. Consumers: Primary consumers feed on phytoplankton. Ex: Water      insects, Snails, Fish. Secondary consumers feed on primary consumers. Ex: Birds and mammals. 
          3. Decomposers: They decompose the dead plants and animals. Ex: Bacteria and Fungi.

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