Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
This act is aimed to protect and preserve wildlife. Wildlife refers to all animals and

plants that are not domesticated. India has a rich wildlife heritage. It has 350 species

of mammals, 1200 species of birds and around 20,000 known species of insects. Some of

them are listed as 'endangered species' in wildlife protection act.
Wildlife is an integral part of our ecology and plays an essential role in its

functioning. Decline in wildlife is mostly due to human actions. Animals have been hunted

since ages for their skins, furs, feathers, ivory, etc. Wildlife populations are

monitored regularly and management strategies are formulated to protect them.

The important features of this act are:
-This act covers the rights and non-rights of forest dwellers
-It provides restricted grazing in sanctuaries but prohibits in national parks
-It also prohibits collection of non-timber forest
-The rights of forest dwellers recognised by forest policy of 1988 are taken away by the

amended wildlife act of 1991.

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