Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Environment Protection Act, 1986


-To protect and improve air, water and land environment
-To prevent hazards to all living creatures and properties
-To maintain a pleasant relationship between human beings and their environment.

Important features of this act:
-This act empowers the government to lay down procedures and safeguards for prevention of accidents that cause pollution and remedial measures if an accident occurs.
-The government has the authority to close/prohibit or regulate any industry or its operation if violation of the provisions of the act occur.
-Any person who fails to comply or contravenes any provision of the act is punishable with imprisonment for a term extending upto five years or a fine upto one lakh rupees or both.
-An additional fine of Rs.5000 per day may be imposed for entire period of violation of rules.
-The act fixes the liability on the person who is directly in-charge unless it is proved that the offence was committed without his/her knowledge or consent.
-This act empowers the officer of central government to inspect the site and collect samples of air, water,  soil or other material for testing.

This act is the most comprehensive legislation with powers for central government to act directly without interference from regulatory authorities or agencies.

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