Monday, September 30, 2013

Disaster management - Landslides

Landslides occur when mass of earth material move downward. It is also called mass wasting or mass movement. A sudden landslide occurs when unconsolidated sediments of a hillside are saturated by rainfall or water logging.
Many landslides take place in coincidence with earthquakes. The most common form of landslides are earthquake induced landslides or more specifically rock falls and slides of rock fragments that form on steep slopes.
The size of area affected by earthquake induced landslides depends on the magnitude of the earthquake, its focal depth, the topography and geologic conditions near the causative fault, the amplitude, frequency, composition and duration of ground shaking.

Avoid construction activity in landslide occurring areas.
Reducing slope of hilly side
Stabilising the slope portion
Increasing plantation of deep rooted vegetation on the slope.

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