Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Global warming - Definition, Effects, Control and Remedial measures

Global warming is defined as the increase in temperature of Earth, that causes change in climate

The last few centuries have seen an increase in industrial, agricultural and other human activity resulting in release of more green house gases in the atmosphere. These gases cause the atmosphere to trap increasing amounts of heat energy in the Earth's surface making the planet warmer than usual.

The global temperature is now 1C higher than in 1900. Predictions of future climate indicate that by the middle of the next century, the Earth's global temperature may be 1C to 3C higher than what it is today.

Researchers have checked through indirect evidence (tree rings, coral growth, ice cores) and confirmed that the warmest decade in the past 1000 years was from 1990 to 1999. The warmest year of the millenium was 1998.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent have analyzed the past 33 years of natural disasters and 90% of them were weather related. Moreover, the occurrence of these disasters has increased in the past three decades.

Effects of Global Warming
Following  are the effects of global warming:
  1. More heat waves
  2. Expansion of desert area
  3. Natural fires in forest lands
  4. More evaporation of water from oceans and water bodies
  5. Melting of Ice caps in Arctic and Antarctic regions
  6. More cloud formation in the atmosphere
  7. Shorter and warmer winters coupled with longer and hotter summers
  8. Changes in rainfall pattern
  9. Rise in sea level
  10. Flooding and submergence of low lying coastal areas
  11. Disruption in farming
  12. More drought
  13. Impact on plants, animals and humans
Control and remedial measures:
Some of the remedial and control measures of global warming are listed below: 
  1. Reduction in consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum
  2. Use of bio-gas plants
  3. Use of nuclear power plants
  4. Increasing forest cover
  5. Use of unleaded petrol in  automobiles
  6. Installation of pollution controlling devices in automobiles (catalytic converter) and industries (Electro Static Precipitators, Bag filters, Wet scrubbers etc)


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