Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Question paper for Environmental Studies (9030) On 10 Dec 2014

PART A (Answer all - 25 marks)
What is biogas
What is solar desalination
What are ecological (tedogical) pyramids
What are (sapromorphs) saprotrophs
Define the term wildlife sanctuary
What is a biome
What is noise pollution
Define the term hazardous waste
What is watershed management
What is eco-labeling

PART B (Answer any five - 50 marks
What is earth capital ? Briefly describe the merits and demerits of (Eco thermal) Geo-thermal and Ocean energy resources
Discuss the following problems (i) Deforestation and mining (ii) Overgrazing and modern agriculture with side effects for both.

What is an eco-system. Discuss briefly as to how balance is maintained in an ocean ecosystem
What are ecological pyramids. Explain as to how energy is transferred in an ecosystem with examples

India is a mega-diversity nation. Explain
Write a note on threats to biodiversity

Write about causes, effects and control measures of thermal pollution
What is solid waste. Explain briefly the various methods of disposing solid waste

Differentiate between disaster management and disaster mitigation
Write a note about NDMA and disaster management in India

What is bio-magnification, eutrophication (tetrophication), folsom bottles and macro-consumers
What is silent spring and explain GAIA theory

Write a short note about: (i) Consumerism and waste products (ii) Eco-auditing and (iii) Holocaust

ps: The text in brackets has apperared in the actual question paper. The corrected term is placed "outside" the brackets.

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