Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Question Bank

Define Environment and Ecology
Discuss the multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies
Discuss the role played an individual in protecting the environment
Write short notes on the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.
What is the importance of Environmental studies
Briefly discuss the various natural resources available to man and their significance
Explain "conflicts over water"
List the effects of floods and droughts
What is a "dam" ? List its advantages and disadvantages
Classify energy resources with examples and give reasons for the ever increasing need for energy
Describe land as a "resource". Explain in detail with examples/case studies about different forms of land degradation
Describe in detail about the disadvantages of modern agriculture

Define an ecosystem. Explain the structure of an ecosystem and list its functions in detail
Explain the "energy flow in an ecosystem" with the help of a diagram
List the functions of producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystem with examples
List the various types of aquatic ecosystems with examples and sketches wherever necessary
Describe food chain, food web and ecological pyramid with examples and a sketch wherever necessary
Draw the different types of ecological pyramids with a brief description

Explain biodiversity with reference to genetic, species and ecosystem biodiversity
Describe  bio-geographical classification of India
Describe briefly the value of biodiversity
Describe the  threats to biodiversity and the various methods used in the conservation of bidiversity
Define endangered and endemic species and list the endangered and endemic species of India

List the causes, effects and control measures for:
Air pollution
Water pollution
Soil Pollution
Noise pollution
Thermal pollution
Explain about solid waste management
Explain briefly Air act, Water act, forest act and wildlife acts.
Describe briefly the issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation

List the techniques of water conservation
Explain Watershed management
Describe environmental ethics
Describe climate change, Global warming, acid rain and ozone layer depletion
Discuss environment protection act
Explain Population explosion
Classify disasters  and list their impacts on environment, infrastructure and development.
Describe the basic principles of disaster mitigation, disaster management and methodology.
Draw and explain the disaster management cycle
Explain disaster management in India

Explain the need for public awareness regarding environment
Write a note on non-renewable energy sources
Explain food chain and food web
Write briefly about estuarine ecosystem
What are the causes and ill-effects of acid rain
Write about the significance of environmental ethics for sustainable environmental quality
Classify solid waste based on disposal mechanism
Write a short note on energy resources in India
Define ecological pyramid
State the types of disaster and their ill-effects on environmental quality
Critically comment on the conflicts of interstate sharing of water resources
Write the remedial measures to be taken for overcoming the problems due to over-utilization of fertilizers and pesticides
Discuss in detail the importance of small and medium earth-fill dams
Explain the possible environmental impacts of major dams
Mention the causes and effects of Salinity of soil and deforestation
Discuss the type, characteristic features, structure and function of pond ecosystem
Illustrate with a neat sketch, the methods of recharging ground water resources
Write about the causes, effects and control measures of thermal pollution
Describe the methods to control noise pollution due to traffic and industries
Describe briefly global warming and ozone layer depletion
Discuss contribution of automobiles to air pollution and list the control measures that can be adopted
Explain the powers and functions of central pollution control board under water act
Write a short note about environmental enforcement and regulations
Write about wildlife protection act its salient features and limitations
Briefly describe the different methods of water conservation and watershed management.
Define ecosystem and environment
What is bio-magnification
Distinguish between lentic and lotic ecosystems
Briefly describe the values of biodiversity with necessary examples
Explain the different types of ecological pyramids
What is noise pollution
What are green-house gases
List the various natural disasters
What are acid rains
List the various flood control measures
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of dams
Define soil erosion and list the causes
Differentiate between food webs and food chains with examples
Define producers, consumer, decomposers and detrivores with examples
List the threats to bio-diversity
Explain genetic, species and ecosystem diversity with examples
List the salient features the water act, 1974
List the effects of air pollution on man, materials, plants and animals
"Only if we take care of nature, nature will take care of us" - Explain
Write short notes on "disaster management"
Write about "man's impact on the environment"
Explain endangered and endemic species
Explain briefly about:
Nuclear hazards
Property rights
Nuclear energy
Value education
Soil Erosion
Solid waste
Define ecosystem and discuss the structural aspects of ecosystem
What is biodiversity and describe the different methods of its conservation
Explain the importance of natural resources
Discuss the management of natural resources
What are the causes and effects of air pollution
Discuss the various environmental problems in India
Explain the role of individuals in the prevention of pollution
Briefly explain water harvesting and watershed management
Explain briefly about:
Food Chain
Green house effect
Noise pollution
Population growth
Ozone layer depletion
Acid rain
Wildlife protection act
Describe energy flow in an ecosystem
Describe the forest ecosystem
Write briefly about solar energy
Describe the various water resources
Briefly describe environmental disasters and the bhopal gas tragedy
Discuss the causes, effects and control measures of solid waste
List the various causes and effects of water pollution
Describe briefly:
Watershed management
Thermal pollution
Genetic diversity
Sulphur cycle
Forest conservation act
Industrial wastes
What is an ecological pyramid and describe the various types of ecological pyramids
List the different types of ecosystems and describe their characteristics briefly
Explain the concept of biodiversity
What is nuclear pollution and describe its control measues in brief
Disuss soil pollution in brief
Describe the desert ecosystem
Discuss the effect of the environment on human health
Discuss environmental ethics and resource use
Describe briefly:
Biomass energy
Detritus food chain
Forest resources
Mitigation of pollution due to mining
Wastewater pollution
Photochemical smog
Air pollution act
Waste land reclamation
Describe the structure of pond ecosystem
What is meant by ecological succession
Draw the biogeochemical cycles
Describe land resources
Discuss the causes, effects and prevention of water pollution
Discuss rehabilitation and resettlement
Describe biodivesity
Elaborate on the biogeographic regions in India
Write short notes on:
Nitrogen cycle
Wind energy
Ex-situ conservation
Conflicts over water
Population pressure
Environment protection act
Discuss in detail the forest ecosystem
Explain loss of biodiversity
Explain the management of land resources
Describe noise pollution and measures to reduce it
Explain global warming
Describe urbanization
Discuss in brief:
Food web
Nitrogen cycle
Mineral resources
Particulate matter as pollutants
Tidal energy
Relegan siddhi movement
Chipko movement
Wastewater pollution
Explain the interdisciplinary nature of science with the environment
Explain food resources
Write short notes on solar energy
Discuss marine pollution
Discuss ozone layer depletion
What is eutrophication
Describe briefly the principal pollutants that contaminate our air, water and land
Desine Environment
What are the components of the environment
Define deforestation and list tha causes of deforestation
What is groundwater
Classify mineral resources
Classify food production
Classify energy resources
List the various renewable energy sources
ist various methods to protect soil
Define ecosystem
List the characteristics of ecosystem
List the different types of ecosystems
List the biotic components of an ecosystem
List the abiotic components of an ecosystem
Genetic diversity
Species diversity
Ecosystem diversity
Biodiversity hotspot
List the threats to biodiversity
List the reasons for habitat loss
Discuss the various methods for the conservation of biodiversity
Define air pollution
What are the sources of air pollution
Define particulate matter
Define SPM
Differentiate between mist amd fog
What are the various gaseous pollutants
What are the effects of air pollution on animals
List the effects of air pollution on physical properties of atmosphere
What are the effects of carbon monoxide on human health
How can air pollution be controlled at source
What equipment is used to control gaseous pollutants
What equipment can be used to control particulates
What is a bag filter
Describe briefly wet scrubbers.
Differentiate between point and non point source pollutants with examples
How do nutrients from agricultural fields affect watershed
Soil pollution
Marine pollution
What are the causes of marine pollution
What is the main purpose of processing in solid waste management
List the techniques of processing solid wastes
Define hazardous wastes
Biomedical wastes
List the benefits of pollution prevention